Deco-TEC is an ecumenical movement where groups of “Teens Encounter Christ.” Deco-TEC is not designed to replace the teen’s home church or youth group. Instead, it is designed to enhance the church and youth group experience.


TEC is strictly non-denominational and no church doctrine will be taught. Instead the teens will be introduced to Jesus and His gospel. Many different denominations come together to exhibit the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.


A TEC weekend is designed to promote peer ministry. On the weekend a group of dedicated adults and teens love and minister to the teen candidates right where they are at. Whether churched or unchurched, the teen is validated and accepted right where they are.


As the weekend unfolds the teens experience great food, talks, chapels, discussions, prayer, fellowship and even some surprises along the way.

Deco-TEC is open to all teens age 13 to 19.


Deco-TEC Board Meetings

2nd Sunday of every month 3-5pm*

Shiloh Tabernacle Fellowship Church

460 E. Tyler Rd. Muskegon, MI 49445

*No February Meeting*

*Next Meeting - March 8th *






Deco-TEC #118

Lay-Leader: Becca Jansen-Boone

May 1st - May 3rd 2020

Open Board Positions

Equipment/Trailer Coordinator

Adult/Teen Church Contacts

Weekend Supply Totes


Snack Table

We are currently accepting Lay Leader letters for the upcoming quarters. If you are interested we ask that you please attend one of our next board meetings to discuss. Please read the Deco-TEC Bylaws to be certain your qualified for Lay Leader or Board Position. We look forward to seeing you and God Bless in Jesus name.