Our History

Weekend #1     

12/2-4/1988     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Frank Rinella     Co-Lay Leader: Sally Olejarczyk

Spiritual Directors: Mimi Bush, Chuck Van Lente

Weekend #2     

04/28-30/1989     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Sally Olejarczyk     Co-Lay Leader: Howard Branch

Spiritual Directors: Jill Sanders, Tim VanderHaar

Weekend #3     

12/1-3/1989     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jay Poole     Co-Lay Leader: Jeanine Lowry

Spiritual Directors: Kim Kerchal, Kathy Robotham

Weekend #4     

03/16-18/1990     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Linda Long     Co-Lay Leader: Dick Oosting

Spiritual Directors: Tom Schutt, Miriam Bunge

Weekend #5     

03/23-25/1990     Location: John Knox Presbyterian - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Ray Kuiper     Co-Lay Leader: Bonnie Cook

Spiritual Directors: Ron Kunnen, Mary Lokers

Weekend #6     

08/10-12/1990     Location: Trinity Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Howie Branch     Co-Lay Leader: Sally Olejarczyk

Spiritual Directors: Karen Mortz, Bruce Menning

Weekend #7     

08/24-26/1990     Location: Immanuel Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Linda Nesbitt     Co-Lay Leader: Steve Smith

Spiritual Directors: Dan Duncan, Jerry Hekhula , Ed Drake

Weekend #8     

11/30-12/2/1990     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Dick Oosting     Co-Lay Leader: Barb Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Ron Amos, Greg Wilson-Youngchild

Weekend #9     

12/7-9/1990     Location: Third Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Elise Doane     Co-Lay Leader: Jack Verbrugge

Spiritual Directors: Ron Kunnen, Carol Faas

Weekend #10     

03/15-17/1991     Location: Hager Park Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Fred Stalsonburg     Co-Lay Leader: Judy Branch

Spiritual Directors: Brad Olson, Howard Van Dam

Weekend #11     

04/12-14/1991     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Sue Engweiler     Co-Lay Leader: Bob Kuhn

Spiritual Directors: Tim VanderHaar, Gerald Ferguson

Weekend #12     

08/9-11/1991     Location: Ada Community Reformed

Lay Leader: Marilyn Thompson     Co-Lay Leader: Dave Prince

Spiritual Directors: Carol Faas, Bill Curnow

Weekend #13     

08/16-18/1991     Location: Cassopolis United Methodist Church

Lay Leader: Frank Rinella     Co-Lay Leader: Linda Vanlente

Spiritual Directors: Charles Vanlente, Ed Drake

Weekend #14     

08/23-25/1991     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Jerry Dibble     Co-Lay Leader: Robin Policka

Spiritual Directors: Larry Rubingh, Gerald Ferguson

Weekend #15     

12/6-8/1991     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Robin Policka     Co-Lay Leader: Ken Long

Spiritual Directors: Ed Drake, Susan Boklaga

Weekend #16     

01/10-12/1992     Location: Hager Park Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Judy Branch     Co-Lay Leader: Ray Kuiper

Spiritual Directors: Carol Faas, Ron Kunnen

Weekend #17     

05/1-3/1992     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jeanine Lowry     Co-Lay Leader: Denny Macha

Spiritual Directors: Russell Sheppard, Wally Coots

Weekend #18     

05/1-3/1992     Location: Wedgewood Acres - Kentwood

Lay Leader: Dianne Van Eyk     Co-Lay Leader: Don Byker

Spiritual Directors: Carol Faas, Jeff LaPerna

Weekend #19     

06/26-28/1992     Location: Community Evangelical Free - Niles

Lay Leader: Ken Krause Jr     Co-Lay Leader: Howie Branch

Spiritual Directors: Buz Cliffe, Jackie Brelick, Jeff Neuman

Weekend #20     

08/28-30/1992     Location: Laketon Bethel Reformed - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Karen Crummel     Co-Lay Leader: Roland Crummel

Spiritual Directors: Ben Jansen, Marv Wassink

Weekend #21     

09/18-20/1992     Location: St Roberts Catholic-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Debi Wood     Co-Lay Leader: Steve Faas

Spiritual Directors:

Weekend #22     

12/4-6/1992     Location: Free Reformed Community Evangelical-Niles

Lay Leader: Bob Sumption     Co-Lay Leader: Sue Warner

Spiritual Directors: Jackie Bralick, Jim Wing, Chris Spitters

Weekend #23     

12/11-13/1992     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bob Raymond     Co-Lay Leader: Ruth Benovic

Spiritual Directors: Sue Boklaga, Mark Bush

Weekend #24     

01/22-24/1993     Location: Mayfair CRC - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Bob McPherson     Co-Lay Leader: Diane Van Eyke

Spiritual Directors: Brad Olson, Don Byker

Weekend #25     

03/26-28/1993     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Ken Long    Co-Lay Leader: Salli Ashcraft

Spiritual Directors: Sue Boklaga, Tom Schutt

Weekend #26     

04/16-18/1993     Location: Cedar Spirngs United Methodist

Lay Leader: Diane Kangas     Co-Lay Leader: Tom Wood

Spiritual Directors: Ron Kunnen, Kurt Volbeda

Weekend #27     

07/23-25/1993     Location: Trinitiy Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Ruth Benovic     Co-Lay Leader: Andy Patrick

Spiritual Directors: Gentry Doxey, Tim VanderHaar

Weekend #28     

07/30-8/1/1993     Location: First Presbyterian-Niles

Lay Leader: Rich Appelget     Co-Lay Leader: Patti VanderGriff

Spiritual Directors: Jeff Neuman, Dennis Slatterly

Weekend #29     

08/13-15/1993     Location: Hager Park Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Marc DeRuiter     Co-Lay Leader: Judy Branch

Spiritual Directors: Steve Faas, Judy Kuiper

Weekend #30

1993     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Salli Ashcraft     Co-Lay Leader: Rich Suchecki

Spiritual Directors: Ed Drake, Kim Kerchal

Weekend #31     

02/4-6/1994     Location: Community Evangelical Free - Niles

Lay Leader: Mike Smith     Co-Lay Leader: Penny Krausse

Spiritual Directors: Brad Heiple, Jim Elrod

Weekend #32   


Lay Leader: Walt Seidelman     Co-Lay Leader: Paula McGinnis

Spiritual Directors: 

Weekend #33     

04/22-24/1994     Location: Grace Lutheran-Wyoming

Lay Leader: Kim Danielski     Co-Lay Leader: Martin Van Eyk

Spiritual Directors: Judy Kuiper, John Stieve

Weekend #34     

Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Robbin Dibble     Co-Lay Leader: Lee Eyestone

Spiritual Directors: Tom Schutt, Jamey Nelson

Weekend #35     


Lay Leader: CANCELLED     Co-Lay Leader:

Spiritual Directors:

Weekend #36     

04/19-21/1994     Location: Mayfair CRC - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Tom Wood     Co-Lay Leader: Carol Faas

Spiritual Directors: Stephen Faas, Jack Sytsema

Weekend #37     

Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Cindy Short     Co-Lay Leader:

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright

Weekend #38     

11/18-20/1994     Location: Crossroads-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Lynn Decker     Co-Lay Leader: Ron Courser

Spiritual Directors: Jay Sowers, Doug Maxim 

Weekend #39     

03/17-19/1995     Location: Hager Park Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Steve Faas     Co-Lay Leader: April Evans

Spiritual Directors: Brad Olson, Tim King

Weekend #40     

03/24-26/1995     Location: Fifth Reformed Church-Muskegon

Lay Leader: Todd Wiley     Co-Lay Leader: Gayle Debniak

Spiritual Directors: Tom Schutt , Allison DeVriendt

Weekend #41

06/16-18/1995     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bill Josephson     Co-Lay Leader: Pam Suchecki

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Brad Rakowski

Weekend #42

06/23-25/1995     Location: Bethel Reformed-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Steve Eddy     Co-Lay Leader: Judy Branch

Spiritual Directors: Armond Arnson, Wade Zack

Weekend #43

08/18-20/1995     Location: Forest Park Covenant- Norton Shores

Lay Leader: Don Stressman     Co-Lay Leader: Marlene Kuhn

Spiritual Directors: Susan Boklaga, Jerry Pimpleton

Weekend #44

09/22-24/1995     Location: First Church of the Nazarene-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Lil Overton     Co-Lay Leader: Carol Kangas

Spiritual Directors: Carol Faas, Ron Kunnen

Weekend #45

Location: Covenant Community-Muskegon Heights

Lay Leader: Ed Drake     Co-Lay Leader: Mary Duffy

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Tim Smith

Weekend #46

02/23-25-1995     Location: Knapp St Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Dave Bartellette     Co-Lay Leader: Chris Segard

Spiritual Directors: Al Hoogewind, Wesly Burke

Weekend #47

03/15-17/1996     Location: Fifth Reformed Church-Muskegon

Lay Leader: Rich Elliott     Co-Lay Leader: Gayle Debniak

Spiritual Directors: Tim VanderHaar, Allison DeVriendt

Weekend #48

06/7-9/1996     Location: Aberdeen Reformed-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Dave Stevens     Co-Lay Leader: Lil Overton

Spiritual Directors: Jay Sowers, Leonard McElveen


Weekend #49

07/12-14/1996     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Becka Schmiedeknecht     Co-Lay Leader: Lee Eyestone

Spiritual Directors: Dennis Lassanske, Jerry Pimpleton

Weekend #50

11/8-10/1990     Location: Hager Park Reformed - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Carl Kangas     Co-Lay Leader: Sandy Verburg

Spiritual Directors: Armond Arnson, Wesly Burke

Weekend #51

12/6-8/1996     Location: Laketon Bethel Reformed - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bob Ferry     Co-Lay Leader: Roxanne Elliott

Spiritual Directors: Bill Fillmore, Bill Uetricht


Weekend #52

03/7-9/1997     Location: Central United Methodist- Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bill Hakken     Co-Lay Leader: Barb Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Ben Jansen, Steve Thomas

Weekend #53

03/14-16/1997     Location: Immanuel Reformed-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Larry Satterla     Co-Lay Leader: Marilyn Thompson

Spiritual Directors: Dave Huizenga, Bob Thue


Weekend #54

06/6-8/1997     Location: Banner of Christ - Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Sandy Verburg     Co-Lay Leader: Chuck Bedinger

Spiritual Directors: Bill Dodge, Judy Kuiper


Weekend #55

07/18-20/1997     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Gayle Debniak     Co-Lay Leader: Ken Long

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Pimpleton, Jackie Stambaugh

Weekend #56

11/7-9/1997     Location: Grace Lutheran-Wyoming

Lay Leader: Terry Decker Jr     Co-Lay Leader: Amy Scheurman

Spiritual Directors: Leonard McElveen, Bob Brown Sr


Weekend #57

11/9-11/1998     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Lee Eyestone     Co-Lay Leader: Cindy Short

Spiritual Directors: Ed Drake, Jerry Pimpleton


Weekend #58

03/20-22/1998     Location: Bethel Reformed-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Marcia Satterla     Co-Lay Leader: Frank Calabro

Spiritual Directors: Leonard McElveen, Peter Verhuist

Weekend #59

03/13-15/1998     Location: Immanuel Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Dianne Hakken     Co-Lay Leader: Jim Larson

Spiritual Directors: Timmy Smith, Bill Hakken

Weekend #60

06/12-14/1998     Location: Aberdeen Reformed-Grand Rapids

Lay Leader: Micki DeRuiter     Co-Lay Leader: Dave Stevens

Spiritual Directors: Arland Palmer, George Vanderhyde

Weekend #61

07/10-12/1998     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Donna Johnson     Co-Lay Leader: Warren Reynolds

Spiritual Directors: Dennis Lassanske, Todd Williams

Weekend #62

01/8-10/1999     Location: First Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jeff Holzhausen     Co-Lay Leader: Denise Sheffer

Spiritual Directors: Todd Thompson, Bill Hakken

Weekend #63

04/16-18/1999     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Marsha Eyestone     Co-Lay Leader: Eric Strait

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Pimpleton, Bill Fillmore

Weekend #64

1999     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jason Schmiedeknecht     Co-Lay Leader: Robin Policka

Spiritual Directors: Ken Nash, Troy Anderson

Weekend #65

03/10-12/2000     Location: Evangelical Covenant - Whitehall

Lay Leader: Jim Larson     Co-Lay Leader: Robbin Dibble

Spiritual Directors: Ed Cohea, Bill Hakken

Weekend #66

05/19-21/2000     Location: First Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Todd Williams     Co-Lay Leader: Linda Long

Spiritual Directors: Bill Fillmore, Tim VanderHaar

Weekend #67

08/18-20/2000     Location: First Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Chris Ferry     Co-Lay Leader: Barb Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Bob Ferry, Ed Cohea

Weekend #68

11/3-5/2000     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Rick Buckenburger     Co-Lay Leader: Andrea Brady

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Pimpleton, Todd Williams

Weekend #69

03/9-11/2001     Location: First Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Scott Heinen     Co-Lay Leader: Penny Larson

Spiritual Directors: Bill Hakken, Todd Williams

Weekend #70

07/13-15/2001     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bill Raven     Co-Lay Leader: Sue Hunt

Spiritual Directors: Ed Cohea, Justin Vantanwerp


Weekend #71

Location: Holton United Methodist - Holton

Lay Leader: Marvin Dunbar     Co-Lay Leader: Barb Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Ken Bremmer, Bill Hakken

Weekend #72

03/8-10/2002     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jack Wright      Co-Lay Leader: Sharon Williams

Spiritual Directors: Ben Jansen, Jim Kolbe

Weekend #73

06/28-30/2002     Location: Lebanon Lutheran - Whitehall

Lay Leader: Sue Holzhausen     Co-Lay Leader: Jayson Dibble

Spiritual Directors: Doug Ogden, Bill Hakken

Weekend #74

08/23-25/2002     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Scott Rutzen     Co-Lay Leader: Penny Larson

Spiritual Directors: Bill Hakken, Todd Williams


Weekend #75

03/21-23/2003     Location: First Baptist - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bill Degroot     Co-Lay Leader: Denise Sheffer

Spiritual Directors: Mary Ivanov, Timmy Smith

Weekend #76

05/16-18/2003     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Terri Rutzen     Co-Lay Leader: Marvin Dunbar

Spiritual Directors: Todd Williams, Ed Snook

Weekend #77

09/12-14/2003     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Desiree Raven     Co-Lay Leader: David Longilliere

Spiritual Directors: Todd Williams, Timmy Smith

Weekend #78

11/7-9/2003     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Sally Olejarczyk     Co-Lay Leader: Shane Olejarczyk

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Ed Snook

Weekend #79

03/5-7/2004     Location: Eastwood Church of the Nazarene - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Dianna Wiggers     Co-Lay Leader: Bill Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Timmy Smith, Sally LaFrance

Weekend #80

06/25-27/2004     Location: Holton United Methodist - Holton

Lay Leader: Karen Dunning     Co-Lay Leader: Gary Knapp

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Bill Hakken

Weekend #81

08/6-8/2004     Location: Westwood Reformed

Lay Leader: Ellen Snook     Co-Lay Leader: Bill Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Ed Snook, Dave Willerup

Weekend #82

10/15-17/2004     Location: Ravenna First Reformed - Ravenna

Lay Leader: Dennis Lakatos     Co-Lay Leader: Penny Larson

Spiritual Directors: Russell Camp, Timmy Smith

Weekend #83

03/5-7/2005     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Dale Wiggers     Co-Lay Leader: Barb Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Shane Buckle , Bill Hakken

Weekend #84

09/16-18/2005     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jason Wiggers     Co-Lay Leader: Tammie Cargill

Spiritual Directors: Jackie Stambaugh, Marv Wassink

Weekend #85

12/2-4/2005     Location: Eastwood Church of the Nazarene - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Marvin Dunbar     Co-Lay Leader: Deanna Block

Spiritual Directors: Bill Hakken, Rich Davis

Weekend #86

03/10-12/2006     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Shane Olejarczyk     Co-Lay Leader: Gloria Knapp

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Marv Wassink

Weekend #87

07/14-16/2006     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Terri Rutzen     Co-Lay Leader: Marvin Dunbar

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Ed Snook

Weekend #88

10/13-15/2006     Location: First Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Becky Katzenbach     Co-Lay Leader: Bill Degroot

Spiritual Directors: Timmy Smith, Marv Wassink

Weekend #89

12/1-3/2006     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Dan Sharpe     Co-Lay Leader: Terri Rutzen

Spiritual Directors: Dave Gruber, Verne Wright

Weekend #90

03/16-18/2007     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Laura Bisson     Co-Lay Leader: Howie Branch

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Brad Rakowski

Weekend #91

08/17-19/2007     Location: Walkerville Wesleyan- Walkerville

Lay Leader: Melissa Warmuskerken     Co-Lay Leader: Gary Knapp

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Scott Rutzen

Weekend #92

09/14-16/2007     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Jerry Roznowski     Co-Lay Leader: Penny Larson

Spiritual Directors: Marv Wassink, Jerry Whitman

Weekend #93

12/7-9/2007     Location: Holton United Methodist - Holton

Lay Leader: Rob Larson     Co-Lay Leader: Donna Rick

Spiritual Directors: Russ Camp, Dave Gruber

Weekend #94

Location: First Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Tammie Cargill     Co-Lay Leader: Dale Wiggers

Spiritual Directors: Ben Jansen, Jerry Whitman

Weekend #95

08/15-17/2008     Location: Fifth Reformed Church-Muskegon

Lay Leader: Gary Boss     Co-Lay Leader: April Boss

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Whitman, Paul Lynn

Weekend #96

10/24-26/2008     Location: UMC Church of the Dunes-Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Cathy Vaandering     Co-Lay Leader: Bob Dixon

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Paul Lynn

Weekend #97

03/20-22/2009    Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Becky Dennings     Co-Lay Leader: Dan Hunt

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Whitman, Todd Bush

Weekend #98

07/24-26/2009     Location: Crosswinds - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Terri Rutzen     Co-Lay Leader: Bob Dixon

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Ken Nash

Weekend #99

11/6-8/2009     Location: Trinity Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Paul Miles     Co-Lay Leader: Cathy Vaandering

Spiritual Directors: Marv Wassink, Scott Rutzen, Kate Saladin

Weekend #100

06/26-28/2010     Location: Immanuel Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Denise Scheffer     Co-Lay Leader: Jim Larson

Spiritual Directors: Jerry Whitman, Ed Snook

Weekend #101

07/30-8/1/2010     Location: Trinity Lutheran - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Anita Bikowitz     Co-Lay Leader: Jason Wiggers

Spiritual Directors: Jack Bishop, Nick Fuller

Weekend #102

11/5-7/2010     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Melissa Lein     Co-Lay Leader: Matthew Miles

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Tony Jones

Weekend #103

03/18-20/2011     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Carmen Olejarczyk     Co-Lay Leader: Dan Sharpe

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Ed Supulveda

Weekend #104

05/13-15/2011     Location: Hope Reformed Church - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Steve Moore     Co-Lay Leader: Faith Rickard

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Donna Rick

Weekend #105

11/11-13/2011     Location: Ecclessia - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Nikki Wiggers     Co-Lay Leader: Jason Wiggers

Spiritual Directors: Mark Hall, Dr. Abiade

Weekend #106

03/2-4/2012     Location: Central Assembly of God - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Leonard Bathrick     Co-Lay Leader: Kaitlyn Rutzen

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Terri Cummins

Weekend #107

04/20-22/2012     Location: Trinity Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Rachel Moore     Co-Lay Leader: Paul Miles

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Donna Rick

Weekend #108

08/3-5/2012     Location: Fellowship Reformed - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Ken Start     Co-Lay Leader: Terri Rutzen

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Ron DePung

Weekend #109

11/30-12/2/2012     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Laura Bisson     Co-Lay Leader: Scott Olejarczyk

Spiritual Directors: Verne Wright, Dr. Abiade

Weekend #110

01/18-20/2013     Location: Trinity Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Trisha Vanderstelt     Co-Lay Leader: Steve Moore

Spiritual Directors: Scott Rutzen, Melissa Lein

Weekend #111

Location: Trinity Reformed - Grand Haven

Lay Leader: Vickie Miles     Co-Lay Leader: Matthew Miles

Spiritual Directors: 

Weekend #112

05/1-3/2015     Location: 5th Reform Church

Lay Leader: Tina Dunbar     Co-Lay Leader: Dan Sharpe

Spiritual Directors: Ed Snook, Rob Wiley

Weekend #113

03/17-19/2017     Location: Central Assembly of God - Muskegon

Lay Leader: Bob Dixon     Co-Lay Leader: Roxanna Yager

Spiritual Directors: Pat Ferreira, Randy Bremmer

Weekend #114

08/4-6/2017     Location: First Baptist Church of Muskegon

Lay Leader: Anita Bikowitz     Co-Lay Leader: Dan Sharpe

Spiritual Directors: Ed Snook, Ron DePung

Weekend #115

03/16-18/2018     Location: First Congregational Church

Lay Leader: Barb DeGroot     Co-Lay-Leader: Roland Vaandering

Spiritual Directors: Bob Kuhn, Pat Ferreira

Weekend #116

08/17-19/2018     Location: Holton United Methodist Church

Lay Leader: Brian Norton     Co-Lay-Leader: Stacy Wright

Spiritual Directors: Pat Ferreira, Keith Moreen

Weekend #117

10/11-13/2019     Location: Shiloh Tabernacle Fellowship

Lay Leader: Cathy Vaandering    Co-Lay-Leader: Gary Boss

Spiritual Directors: Pat Ferreira, Ron DePung