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DecoTec was a monumental event at a pivotal time in my early teen years. It's been over 10 years since I made my weekend but I still think about how it influenced my life. I was very shy at that time but that did not stop me from making new friends almost immediately. The talks are as genuine as the mentors I met along the way. DecoTec is much of the reason why my relationship with Christ deepened and thrived. The weekend doesn't end on Sunday; your journey forever continues with your 4th day! I will forever be thankful for the DecoTec community and the opportunity to have had the chance to attend a weekend.                       -Julie

Deco-Tec is one of the most important ministries in my teen years that helped shape my identity in Christ. Although I was already a Christian, the people in this community helped me grow my RELATIONSHIP with my heavenly father. Deco-tec is more than just a weekend I attended as a teenager. It became a lifelong family I became apart of.    -Anna

My Deco-tec experience was spectacular. I experienced God in a new and exciting way. From Deco-tec, I’ve met so many wonderful people who are still apart of my life today. These mentors and friends have shaped me into the person I am suppose to be.  

It’s a weekend of a lifetime, where you’ll bond with other teens in a way that exemplifies our Creator. We are made for relationships, and this weekend promotes it! I was so happy for all the volunteers that put this weekend together for us teens, that I decided to come back and serve the next year! :) 

My Deco-Tec weekend was an amazing weekend where I experienced a love that I had never known before. I had been a Christian for as long as I can remember, but Deco-Tec taught me what it was like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Without that foundation, the difficulties I faced through out my adulthood would have been unbearable. Each weekend I have made, worked or lead has brought me closer to God. Every one of these weekends has taught me something different. But one thing never changes. Every time a teen comes to Christ, my heart overflows with praise, greatfulness and love. God is so good, ALL the time!                                                  

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